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“In today’s world, if you continue to do what you have always done, you will get less than you have always gotten.” ~ Morrie Shechtman

We live in a world where organizations increasingly struggle to find the talent they need in the marketplace, when they need it, at an affordable cost. The long term success of any organization now depends upon having appropriate leadership development and succession planning processes in place.  Research has shown that organizations that provide formal opportunities for career development have a distinct competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining the best people.

Many organizations resist or avoid developing performance management tools and processes because they fear getting tangled up in bureaucracy, wasting time and money. That fear is not unreasonable, given the past experience of many organizations.  In fact, many of the traditional tools and processes are too complex; don’t work; or are impractical for today’s fast-paced and lean organizations.   They tend to be judgmental, rather than developmental, and often result in unnecessary conflict.  However, employee performance and engagement can be substantially improved with improved communication, including clear expectations, timely feedback and appropriate recognition.  The focus needs to be on building win/win relationships that help people to grow and achieve their career goals, while also producing the results expected by the organization.

I believe in designing tools and processes to meet the identified needs of the organization and their leaders, which are practical, simple to use and cost-effective ... no more and no less. The key to keeping it simple is to integrate the right tools with the appropriate organization structure and effective leadership behaviours.


Review organization structure and job design to ensure they support leadership effectiveness, career development and succession planning.

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Design simple, effective and practical tools and processes leaders need for recruitment, communication, performance management, team building and succession planning.

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Teach, coach, advise and mentor leaders to develop their Emotional Intelligence; learn how to solve people problems; and become more effective in all their relationships.

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