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Leadership Behaviour

“The primary reason we do not work at behaviours which we know we need to improve is that the rewards are in the future; the disruption, discomfort and discipline needed to get there are immediate.” ~ David Maister

By the time someone reaches a leadership position in any organization, they are assumed to have the required skills, knowledge and experience appropriate to the job ... that is called technical competency. In fact, technical competency is often the only criteria for promotion. However, leaders are not expected to do technical work any longer. They must get things done through others and that requires behavioural competency, also known as “emotional intelligence”.

Effective leadership requires building positive working relationships with all your stakeholders – boss, peers, subordinates and external customers/suppliers. If you don’t have their active support and cooperation, you will not be effective in achieving your goals or managing your career. You may find yourself doing their job in addition to your own and getting bogged down in technical work. It’s been said that people get hired based on what they know, but if they fail or get fired, its because of who they are and an inability to build relationships.

I work with leaders to help them better understand their own behaviour and how it impacts on their various relationships. I also teach leaders how to interpret and understand the behaviour of others. Taken together, understanding yourself and others is the foundation for effective leadership.

My role is teacher, coach and trusted advisor ... bringing a lifetime of wisdom and experience in understanding human behaviour.


Review organization structure and job design to ensure they support leadership effectiveness, career development and succession planning.

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Design simple, effective and practical tools and processes leaders need for recruitment, communication, performance management, team building and succession planning.

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Teach, coach, advise and mentor leaders to develop their Emotional Intelligence; learn how to solve people problems; and become more effective in all their relationships.

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