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are built upon a foundation of
measured by team performance and goal achievement

Effective leaders behave differently from ineffective leaders. They build and maintain relationships characterized by a genuine commitment to reciprocity and interdependence; a desire for personal and professional growth; the ability to communicate expectations with clarity and precision; the courage to hold people accountable; and high personal integrity. They inspire people.

Organization structure creates the context for leadership behaviour - defining roles, relationships and decision-making authority. It establishes boundaries and builds bridges. It is an essential foundation for effective leadership and performance management. The absence of a well designed structure results in chaos, not freedom.    Learn more



Review organization structure and job design to ensure they support leadership effectiveness, career development and succession planning.

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Design simple, effective and practical tools and processes leaders need for recruitment, communication, performance management, team building and succession planning.

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Teach, coach, advise and mentor leaders to develop their Emotional Intelligence; learn how to solve people problems; and become more effective in all their relationships.

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